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Is DC just about supply and demand?

By District Energy posted 08-06-2018 15:09


Colin Bridges, MEP Middle East


Matching the variable demand with the supply should be the key factor in improving energy efficiency, writes Colin Bridges, business development director, Belimo Automation

District Cooling (DC) is widely acknowledged, as the most efficient way to cost effectively deliver cooling to increasingly urbanised and fast growing cities like Dubai.

DC companies invest heavily to put in place large-scale production units, pumping stations and a comprehensive network of insulated pipes that distributes chilled water which provide us the cooling energy we need in our homes, workplaces, retail and recreation spaces. The economies of scale make this an energy efficient way to distribute the nearly 20% of total cooling used by Dubai in a year. Of all the types of cooling technologies available today, DC cooling provision is by far the lowest cost, due in no small measure to these economies of scale.

Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) recognises this is only part of the story and have developed a Demand Side Management (DSM) strategy. The strategy is to drive 30% improvement in energy efficiency by 2030.

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