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Microgrids in Maryland: Bolstering public safety, community resiliency

By District Energy posted 08-15-2018 00:00


This article was featured in the Q3 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine.

Supported with state incentives, Montgomery County installs CHP-based microgrids at two key facilities.


One of the original 13 colonies, Maryland is a state of many charms – among them, beautiful vistas on Sugarloaf Mountain, historical sites from the War of 1812, the expansive Chesapeake Bay and tasty Smith Island cakes. For all its natural and historic attractions, however, Maryland sits in the crosshairs in terms of the risks from extreme weather events, acts of terrorism and potentially high costs of energy.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, summer thunderstorms and severe snowstorms are not uncommon in Maryland. These events have the potential to heavily damage even the best-built utility infrastructure. In July 2010, a squall line of thunderstorms fueled by nearly 100 degree F temperatures produced winds greater than 50 mph in many parts of the state. At the peak of the storm, nearly 290,000 utility customers in Maryland were without power.


Eric R. Coffman, Chief, Office of Energy and Sustainability, Montgomery County, Md., Department of General Services
Rory Spangler, Energy Program Manager, Maryland Energy Administration

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