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The Empower Command Control Center’s enterprise-level SCADA system

By District Energy posted 08-15-2018 00:00


This article was featured in the Q3 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine.

From project concept through commissioning, the company shares its technical challenges and solutions.


In 2015, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corp. (Empower) officially launched its state-of-the-art Command Control Center (CCC) in Dubai. The world’s largest district cooling services provider, Empower provides 1.34 million tons of chilled-water cooling capacity to large-scale real estate developments across the city and region. Thanks to the CCC, all operations of our 73 plants and distribution network are monitored and controlled in real time by three operators at four work stations. The CCC can track activities from the plant production cycle all the way to the customer building interface, including consumer consumption patterns. This data management capability enables Empower to fine-tune system performance, optimize efficiency and reduce operating costs.


Veerendran Krishnan, Senior Manager, Control and Instrumentation, Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corp.

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