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Excess data center heat is no longer a bug -- it's a feature!

By District Energy posted 08-27-2018 00:00


Fredric Paul, Network World from IDG


Every data center admin knows that dealing with excess heat is one of the biggest, most expensive factors involved in running a modern data center.

For decades, engineers have been looking for new ways to mitigate the issue, and now Norway is building a brand-new town designed to turn the problem into an opportunity to lower costs, reduce energy usage, and fight climate change.

Hug your servers . . . to stay warm

According to Fast Company, the town of Lyseparken, now under construction near Bergen, Norway, is being built to use the excess heat generated by a new data center in the heart of the community to keep a nearly 6.5 million square feet of nearby planned business and office space—and eventually up to 5,000 homes—warm. It works like this:

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