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Heat Networks market study: summary of final report

By District Energy posted 09-04-2018 10:13


Competition & Markets Authority, GOV.UK


Our report sets out our analysis of relevant issues in the markets for communal heating and district heating schemes building on the work already undertaken by others including Citizens Advice, Which?, BEIS and the Scottish Government and engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.

(a) We undertook an analysis of prices based on a representative sample of heat networks.

(b) We gained a thorough understanding of heat networks including the supply chain, heat network delivery models, the potential environmental and economic benefits of heat networks, government proposals for expanding the sector and international experiences of heat networks.

(c) We undertook a high level financial analysis of the sector.

(d) Kantar Public completed in-depth interviews to examine consumer awareness, understanding and expectations about heat networks before moving into a property.

(e) We have worked with the UK government, the devolved nations and Ofgem. In particular, BEIS is considering future options for regulating the sector and the Scottish Government has already consulted on a number of options to improve outcomes.

(f) We examined customer complaints and reviewed key customer documents.

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