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Nordic countries offer money, expertise to help Ukraine boost renewables

By District Energy posted 09-10-2018 11:20


Bermet Talant, Kyiv Post


To meet its 2035 energy goals and Paris Accords commitments, Ukraine will need to reduce energy losses in the public and residential sectors and boost production from renewable energy sources, a new study by Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has suggested.

According to the study, published on Sept. 5, Ukraine can cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 64 million tons in 2030 –  or by more than the total emissions of Portugal today. The nation could achieve such results by making buildings more energy efficient and using wind power, the study reads.

And to help Ukraine on the carbon-free journey, Finland and Sweden have allocated 16 million euros for projects in district heating and clean energy.

Green to Scale

The study, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers, looked at how Nordic climate solutions could help five countries – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, and Ukraine – fulfill their commitment to stick to the Paris agreements to reduce greenhouse emissions globally.

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