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Sustainability District Is The Next Green Cincinnati Project

By District Energy posted 09-12-2018 00:00


Ann Thompson, WVXU Cincinnati

The 2030 District would be centered in the Central Business District (Photo: Michael Keating/WXVU)


Cincinnati sustainability enthusiasts are actively recruiting Downtown building owners to become a part of a  new 2030 District. The pitch is: joining would reduce energy use, water consumption and transportation emissions by the year 2030.

Currently there are 20 active 2030 Districts across the U.S. and Cincinnati hopes to become the 21st.

Green Umbrella Executive Director Ryan Mooney-Bullock says Cincinnati is also adding a health aspect which other cities do not have. She says, "Looking at air quality, environmental quality but also occupant health and how businesses and these building owners are able to maximize these benefits to their employees by making these improvements to their building stock."

Joey Maiocco and Newsy are helping to promote the project with this video.

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