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Copenhagen to host massive climate conference involving 96 different cities

By District Energy posted 09-13-2018 00:00


Ross McPherson, CPH Post Online

Students, parents and children fight for the future of the world (photo: flickr/


Copenhagen will host the C40 Mayors Summit – an important climate conference where representatives from the 96 most environmentally-conscious cities will discuss, plan and explore ways they can decrease carbon emissions and slow climate change.

The event, scheduled for Autumn 2019, will bring more than 1,000 delegates from all over the world.

According to the organisers, the Copenhagen conference will be crucial to our future.

“There are large populations in cities, so supporting green projects in and around population hubs will make a huge difference,” said climate change professor Sebastian Mernild from the Nansen institute in Bergen. Mernild added that “if you can land an agreement in the cities, you can do a lot.”

Setting an example

“Copenhagen has prioritised environmentally friendly policies such as promoting cycling and district heating, both of which will help us achieve our goal 2025 goal of  being CO2 neutral,” added Copenhagen’s mayor, Frank Jensen. “Copenhagen is the obvious choice for hosting the conference,” he continued.

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