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California state universities commit to 100% clean energy by 2025

By District Energy posted 09-17-2018 00:00


Iulia Gheorghiu, Utility Dive


Dive Brief: 

  • California's public university system announced in earlier this month a commitment to 100% clean electricity supplies by 2025, 20 years ahead of the goal that the state recently enacted.
  • The University of California (UC), comprised of 10 campuses and additional facilities, set clean energy and sustainability goals, including a pledge to not use natural gas for space and water heating in new buildings or major renovations after June 2019.
  • The UC has set clean energy targets since 2004, "always committing to goals that are ahead of the state's goals," UC sustainability director Matt St. Clair said, in order to serve as an example in climate action and renewable energy leadership. The UC anticipates making this switch without increasing their utility bills or the campus budget.

Dive Insight: 

As the state moves toward its own 2045 goal for 100% clean energy — approved Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown, D — the public university system seeks to show the state how it's done, claiming it can set an example by transitioning with low financial impact. 

"We've committed to 100% clean electricity because we can do that for the same or less than we were paying for brown electricity," St. Clair told Utility Dive.

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