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Feds closer to cooking up better heating and cooling system for capital region buildings

By District Energy posted 09-18-2018 17:13


Jon Willing, Ottawa Citizen


The federal government is moving closer to awarding a big contract to transform the aging heating and cooling system in the capital region.

Components of the current generation and distribution system are between 50 and 100 years old. The system heats 80 buildings and cools 67 buildings in the capital region, including the Parliament Buildings. The feds want a more energy-efficient system that will save temperature-control costs over the long term, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

More than $3 billion in federal money has been made available for the modernization project.

In spring 2019, the feds plan to sign a public-private partnership contract lasting at least 35 years to design, build, finance, maintain and operate the district energy system.

Miguel Martin, the project manager with Public Services and Procurement Canada, walked city council’s environment committee through the work on Tuesday.

Two replacement plants will be established at Tunney’s Pasture and on Fleet Street, near the Supreme Court building. Upgrading the Cliff plant near the Supreme Court has caught the attention of the National Capital Commission.

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