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How to score an A+ grade for excellent CHP specification

By District Energy posted 10-02-2018 10:46


John Hyde, Engineers Journal


When in the midst of the exam season, teachers were always fond of saying the following: ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

Fast-forward to working life and the same truth applies, particularly to specifying combined heat and power (CHP). Here, if you fail to plan and do your homework properly you’re likely to get a ‘U’ for ‘unfit’ grade CHP system, rather than being regarded as an ‘A’ level performer.

The effectiveness of a CHP system depends in large part on the preparation time and effort spent on ensuring accurate specification.

Your CHP specification is an essential document that describes the physical and operational characteristics of the unit and control systems and how they affect other parts of the building. Determining the optimum capacity for the CHP unit to provide the best returns – whether they be financial and/or environmental – is key to this.

To ease the burden of preparation, here are five things you should focus on to achieve the best specification possible for your CHP:

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