EcoDataCenter plans world's first carbon-positive data centre

By District Energy posted 10-04-2018 09:29




EcoDataCenter, a leading Swedish developer of climate-positive data centres, has taken a global lead in this segment and is launching the first carbon positive data centre in the world, in Falun, central Sweden.

With data centres expected to consume as much as 20 per cent of the world’s energy within only a few years, the deployment of energy efficient data centres is crucial.

Increased digitalisation will lead to data processing at data centres using one-fifth of the world’s total energy production as early as 2025, as calculations from several researchers and experts show.

Since fossil fuel sources are responsible for two-thirds of the world’s production of electricity, data centres risk becoming one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions.

Sweden’s EcoDataCenter, a provider of colocation data centre solutions, is ready to give the central Swedich city of Falun the world’s first climate-positive data centre. After four years of development efforts, EcoDataCenter has managed to create a data centre that is integrated with the surrounding energy ecosystem to reuse the heat generated and create the world’s first climate positive data centre.

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