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Cybersecurity: A framework for system evaluation

By District Energy posted 11-05-2018 12:50


This article was featured in the Q4 2018 edition of District Energy Magazine.

Ever-Green Energy shares how it developed its cybersecurity program – and lessons learned.

CHP_plant_on_river_view_copy.jpgCybersecurity is dominating the news in 2018. Data breaches reported by retailers and other companies that manage personal data have raised public concern and have individuals and corporations completely rethinking their security strategies. But what does this mean for district energy and other utility providers? Multinational companies likely already have systems in place, while smaller companies try to prioritize risk to essential services. Deciding whether your system is robust enough can be difficult to conclude as risks both increase and become more complex.


Tom Thomalla Jr., Senior Information Technology Manager, Ever-Green Energy

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