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Here's how UC powers its uptown campus

By District Energy posted 11-05-2018 15:52


David Rees, The News Record


From the bright lights in Nippert Stadium to the ever-present glow in dining halls, the University of Cincinnati’s uptown campus is constantly humming with electricity. But students seldom question how UC is powered.

If you guessed that UC is connected to the city’s power grid, you guessed wrong. The university has its own energy infrastructure, most of which stems from UC’s Central Utility Plant.

Last week, students, faculty and staff were invited to tour the plant. The hour-long tour highlighted UC’s energy infrastructure and its mission to stay green.

Lead engineer Joe Allen showed off the plant’s main features: two titan combustion turbines, a Dresser-Rand steam turbine, five York chillers, two Trane Chillers, two ERI heat recovery steam generators and two Nebraska boilers.

These machines work in tandem to power UC. But to keep electricity flowing, the plant is staffed around the clock — even on holidays.

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