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Repairing the heart of Copenhagen's district heating system

By District Energy posted 11-07-2018 00:00


Soren Orsted, Ramboll


Due to an unstable operation, the valves of ‘chamber 130.12’ needed to be replaced, which is the heart of the Copenhagen district heating system delivering heat to approximately 250.000 households. This is the first replacement since it was installed in the 1980s. Ramboll acted as the Owner’s Engineer and supported the client with planning and detailed design, as well as construction management and supervision.

The transmission capacity of the chamber is more than 700 MW, making it the main connection from the cluster of power plants located on the island of Amager to the city of Copenhagen.

The six sets of main valves (DN700) with bypass valves (DN200), are among the largest in the Copenhagen transmission system, and play a crucial role in the control of the transmission system, enabling sectioning and emergency shutdowns for part of the network.

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