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MAN Providing CHP Solution For Israeli Airport

By District Energy posted 11-15-2018 00:00


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MAN Energy Solutions will provide a new combined heat and power (CHP) solution for Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel.

A dual-fuel engine MAN 9L51/60DF will serve as the main energy source and supply the airport with 9.2 MW of electrical energy. The engine will primarily run off a domestic natural-gas supply with plant hand-over – upon its construction by Israeli company Telemenia – planned for the end of 2019. The four-stroke 9L51/60DF engine has a bore and stroke of 500 X 600 mm.

The power-plant engine will also contribute to the airport’s air-conditioning system through combined-heat-and-power generation. Instead of a conventional, compression chiller powered by electricity, the air-conditioning system will exploit heat generated by the engine to provide cooling.

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