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In Support of Cornell's North Campus Residential Expansion

By District Energy posted 11-18-2018 00:00


Jennifer Tavares, Business Journal News Network


recently] spoke at the City of Ithaca’s Planning Board meeting, at its second of two public hearings (so far), in support of Cornell’s North Campus residential expansion project. Because speakers were limited to 90 seconds (due to the high number of speakers anticipated), I had to submit most of my comments to the board in writing. 

I suggested at the meeting that the construction of these residence halls on campus is a necessary and welcome addition to our community, and that Cornell’s significant efforts regarding sustainability to date should speak for themselves. At the end of my comments, I also shared some brief notes about Cornell’s substantial community investments and economic impact, which are far too often overlooked and instead replaced with frequent Cornell-bashing in nearly every public forum available.

Some key points about the project, and Cornell in general, that I felt were worth noting are listed below.

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