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Six Points Interchange wins Urban Design award

By District Energy posted 11-27-2018 00:00


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OTTAWA — Toronto’s reconfiguration of the 1960s-era “spaghetti junction” interchange in Etobicoke was one of 12 projects announced as National Urban Design Award winners recently.

The awards are given out by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the Canadian Institute of Planners and the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects to showcase excellence in urban design and raise public awareness of the role of urban design in sustainability and quality of life in Canadian cities, said a recent statement.

Construction of the Six Points Interchange in Etobicoke began last year after more than 10 years of planning and design.

Designers have created a plan to replace an archaic roadway interchange with an at-grade pedestrian-friendly intersection, boulevards, trees, bike lanes and space for patios as part of the development of Etobicoke Centre, said the release.

There will also be a district energy system built consisting of a heating and cooling centre and a thermal network of pipes connecting groups of buildings.

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