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Powering the north

By District Energy posted 11-28-2018 00:00


Braydon Black, Alternatives Journal


Improving energy efficiencies are changing how Northern Ontario's MoCreebec people are taking control of their power consumption. 

The MoCreebec Eeyoud Council, an association representing the MoCreebec people of northern Ontario, is taking charge of their power consumption. And aided by a team of researchers from Carleton University, along with community members and energy auditors, addressing many of their long-standing energy concerns is now within reach.

For years, the MoCreebec people of Moosonee and Moose Factory in northern Ontario have struggled with costly energy bills. Coupled with their historical struggle to earn official band status, the MoCreebec’s comparatively isolated location has limited their access to financial and technological resources, leaving several thousand residents subject to substandard living conditions. It's a problem made worse by poor insulation and the use of electric baseboard heating, a very inefficient, energy-intensive and expensive way to heat a home.

But there’s another angle further complicating the MoCreebec’s energy and housing woes.

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