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What's with the steam? Your questions about Detroit's steamy sewers answered

By District Energy posted 11-29-2018 11:44


Ken Haddad, Click On Detroit


DETROIT - If you've spent any time in Detroit, you've likely noticed the steam pouring out of certain manholes around the city.

To many, the steam is a mystery. Sometimes the steam can be a scenic addition to the Downtown area, but sometimes it can be hazardous to traffic and pedestrians. 

To get to the bottom of our steam questions, we went straight to the source: Detroit Thermal.

Detroit Thermal operates a district energy network in the city, including almost 40 miles of underground steam pipes that provide service to many of Detroit's best known buildings, including Cobo Hall, the DMC and the Renaissance Center.

The steam provides cost-effective heating, hot water production, and absorption cooling services, and it supports additional manufacturing processes, according to Detroit Thermal. 

The majority of the steam for the network is generated at Detroit Renewable Energy’s waste-to-energy plant, which safely generates renewable energy in the form of electricity and steam by safely processing municipal solid waste.

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