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Geothermal energy could be part of the solution to fill the UK's energy void

By District Energy posted 12-03-2018 00:00


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


The London Branch of the Society of Petroleum Engineers features an article describing geothermal energy as part of the solution to fill the UK's energy void. With declining hydrocarbon resources in the country and existing skillsets to develop geothermal projects in the oil sector, geothermal is a real option. 

The Society of Petroleum Engineers, London Branch in the UK, provides a key feature on geothermal energy in the UK in its November/ December 2019 e-magazine.

Under the title “Geothermal energy: is it coming of Age?”, the article asks if one simply has run out of excuses for not developing geothermal resources.

With a decline of UK’s hydrocarbon resources, the article sees the potential for geothermal energy potentially being the solution to fill the energy void. It describes therefore also the “considerable” overlap in the technical skillset of the UK’s oil industry with what would be required for geothermal development.

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