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Indigenous support sparks €1.25 million investment into Canadian biomass

By District Energy posted 12-10-2018 00:00


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Larry Bagnell, a parliamentary member for the Canadian territory of Yukon announced alongside Canada’s minister of Natural Resources a multi-year investment of €1.25 million ($1.43 million) for a forestry initiative in Yukon.

According to a Natural Resources Canada release, the initiative will result in ‘greener’ heating solutions, job creation as well as boosting the local economy.

The release claims that the investment follows a governmental trend in Canada to support biomass projects in Indigenous communities, helping them to determine their bioenergy solutions.

As a result of the initiative, it is claimed that it will support the territory by: increasing overall indigenous participation in the forestry sector; making the forestry economy more competitive; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and displacing diesel for heat and energy in northern and remote Indigenous communities.

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