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The air we need to breathe

By District Energy posted 12-17-2018 09:53




This article is part of our special report Local utilities in the energy transition.

Local infrastructure companies like Wiener Stadtwerke are already working hard to achieve the ambitious EU climate and energy goals for 2050. We can innovate and incite changes - but only if a supportive European regulatory framework is in place. 

Peter Weinelt is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH.

Vienna is the world’s top city regarding quality of life. The city’s sustainable development is one of the core goals of the Viennese government. Wiener Stadtwerke plays a key role in this process, not only for the city as such but also, for its almost 2 million citizens. Our city is one of the most dynamic metropolitan areas in Europe. Vienna is characterised by a persistent increase in new residents as a result of its high level of economic power and quality of life. This economic and population growth, however, also entails challenges relating to power supply and environmental protection. Without efforts of the city of Vienna, Austria’s climate goals are out of reach. Wiener Stadtwerke invests in innovation and security of supply at the same time, making a decisive contribution to ensuring that Vienna remains exemplary.

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