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New Cooling, Computing Advancements Could Mean Savings For Data Centers

By District Energy posted 12-19-2018 10:56


Allison Nagel, BISNOW


A key way to save on costs when it comes to data centers is saving on power, so those who are building and running data centers are constantly thinking of ways to improve efficiency — most notably in cooling, which tends to be the biggest power draw.

The challenge is either to find new and better ways to cool centers or advances in server equipment that allow them to run at higher temperatures than previous generations. Those in the industry are exploring both.

"Everybody in this room has felt the increased need to conserve power and be more efficient," QTS Vice President of Development and Strategic Procurement Lane Anderson said at Bisnow's recent Data Center Investment Conference & Expo, West in San Jose.

Most of the innovations are in cooling, he said. The challenge is making advancements that can be scaled up and rapidly deployed.

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