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Why are energy-from-waste schemes so troublesome?

By District Energy posted 12-19-2018 00:00


Roddy Wilkie, Global Construction Review


With contractors getting their fingers burnt on energy-from-waste project, Roddy Wilkie, Partner and Head of Energy at HKA, explains why the UK, uniquely, is having such trouble, and urges the construction supply chain to learn the lessons, because the sector will only grow. 

It is now (almost) universally accepted that our warming world needs alternatives both to burning fossil fuels and burying waste. Turning waste into energy may seem an ideal solution, but it’s not necessarily that simple.

Problems can occur on any construction project, large or small. As a string of widely reported delays, cost overruns, contractual disputes and even failed projects in the UK and elsewhere show, the waste-to-energy sector seems to suffer more than its fair share.

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