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Building for the Future: The Next Steps in Green Development

By District Energy posted 01-02-2019 12:33


Alexandra Pacurar, Commercial Property Executive


Skanska is taking environment-friendly development to the next level due to its status as both a developer and a construction manager, which allows for a unique approach to green policies. Sustainability Director Sarah King touches on the role of pioneering in achieving success.

Since Skanska USA Commercial Development launched operations a decade ago, the firm has invested more than $2 billion in projects from Seattle and Houston to Washington, D.C. Its blue-chip credits include the development of headquarters for Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America and PricewaterhouseCoopers. For all their geographic variety, however, the projects share at least one connecting thread: a commitment to innovative sustainability and energy.


It is telling that the developer’s Stockholm-based parent is committed to being carbon-neutral by 2050. All of Skanska’s commercial buildings aim for a minimum LEED Gold certification. The company’s dual capabilities as developer and construction manager encourage an integrated approach to sustainability in commercial and multifamily development as well as infrastructure.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Sarah King, director of sustainability for Skanska USA Commercial Development, offers an inside view of the firm’s strategy for fostering innovation in energy efficiency.

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