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How addressing data latency could heat and cool our homes and businesses

By District Energy posted 01-10-2019 13:04


Kevin Stickney, DCD


Heat is a resource that can be recaptured and reused  several times over and help to significantly improve energy productivity. 

The pace of change in how we produce and consume data is accelerating. As our world becomes ever more interconnected, we must adapt and plan for the needs of tomorrow – as if it were yesterday if we want to keep up. Another major change we face as a society is the shift to a world driven by renewables in the face of climate change. Mostly these shifts are considered in isolation, but a more coordinated approach reveals some useful intersections.

No time for buffering

The premise of the classic cat video is changing, where once we may have required a few milliseconds to buffer and then be on our way, the cat now requires a constant, real-time connection for us to interact with him and move through his augmented reality space. Cats in virtual reality are perhaps a fairly low priority in terms of ensuring seamless data upload and download, yet the internet of things, and emergency services, are not.

Latency – the measure of how long it takes to retrieve data from a server – is a critical issue when autonomous vehicles must make life-changing decisions instantly. It’s an important one in lots of other applications too; nobody will be interested in augmented reality if it cannot run as smoothly as real life or does not meet our visual quality requirements.

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