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Here's how to build energy infrastructures fit for the future

By District Energy posted 01-11-2019 15:42


Cedrik Neike, Siemens, World Economic Forum


One key characteristic of modern civilization is its dependence on critical infrastructures such as those used for providing power, transportation and water. These infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex, intelligent and interconnected.

Will these advances also make systems more vulnerable to technical risks and external threats? Or could growing technological sophistication actually make these integrated systems more resilient? The example of energy infrastructure reveals evidence of both aspects.

The transformation of energy

The world of energy is undergoing a massive transformation. It is moving away from fossil fuels and a centralized supply provided by a few power plants andtowards renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar power systems, in conjunction with storage technologies and a distributed structure.

On top of these significant shifts, a broad range of energy consumers are expanding the ways in which they use electricity – for example, in heat pumps, electric vehicles and power-to-X technologies. That’s why people around the world are increasingly talking about the emergence of an “all-electric society.”

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