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Danbury firm exploring new bio-residual oil to lower energy costs, environmental impact

By District Energy posted 01-12-2019 00:00


Kevin Zimmerman, Westfair Communications


A Danbury company is betting that a new type of biodiesel could be the answer when it comes to finding a cleaner, more efficient and more effective fuel source.

In fact, so confident is Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corp. in bio-residual oil (BRO) that it is using it to power its entire 50,000-square-foot plant this winter.

BRO — produced from vegetable grease and animal fat, both considered renewable products — is not the first time that Preferred has worked to popularize a renewable, carbon-efficient fuel: about four years ago it was tasked with creating a “liquid wood” burner system for Canadian biocrude producer Ensyn Corp.

Preferred President and CEO David Bohn said that, after being approached at a conference by Ames, Iowa-based Renewable Energy Group (REG) about a year ago, he agreed to “basically do research and development for them.”

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