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Grant Awarded to Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Will Help Local Manufacturers Optimize Uses of Industrial Waste Heat

By District Energy posted 01-16-2019 00:00


The Bay Observer 


The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce has secured a $189,000 grant from The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to study the possibility of recovering waste heat from Hamilton industry to help accelerate smart energy practices that contribute to a cleaner environment, lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improve business competitiveness.

According to project head Richard Allen the two year plan will develop a waste heat energy map to identify areas where there is potential for waste heat recovery. The team will be comprised of senior and graduate students of McMaster’s W. Booth Faculty of Engineering Practice and Technology.

This industry-led project — developed in close cooperation with local manufacturers, the City of Hamilton and other stakeholders — will advance the adoption of waste heat to energy applications in the Bayfront Industrial Area, including a potential district energy system serving the heating and cooling needs of adjacent buildings. ArcelorMittal Dofasco has already invested over $112 Million in a utilities boiler and power generation project that will save the equivalent energy required to heat 26,000 homes The Company hopes eventually to recapture enough waste heat energy to offset 25 percent of its energy bill through energy recovery initiatives.

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