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Shannon reusable insulation nets energy savings for Sturdy Memorial Hospital

By District Energy posted 01-24-2019 15:40


Shannon Enterprise, GlobeNewswire


NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y., Jan. 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shannon Enterprises of W.N.Y., Inc., the world-leading designer and maker of reusable thermal and acoustic insulation, in partnership with Thomaston, Conn., Shannon Energy Resources, has completed a capital project to save energy for Attleboro, Mass.-based Sturdy Memorial Hospital. Shannon Energy installed reusable, custom-engineered thermal insulation throughout the hospital’s mechanical rooms and steam distribution system. 

Since completing the project in December 2017, the hospital’s campus has reduced natural gas use by approximately 8,000 therms per month. The hospital has also seen temperatures in the hospital’s mechanical rooms reduced by approximately 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to the hospital’s facilities operations department, after running a month-to-month heating-degree-day, gas-use comparison for the last two years the facility appears to be saving approximately $70,000 per year on natural gas with the reusable blankets. The payback is on track to happen in about 13 months. In July 2017, before the hospital installed the reusable insulation, it used about 48,000 therms; last July the facility used only 40,000 therms. This is savings off the base load of the facility, and therefore, occurring every month.

According to facilities personnel, to maintain and operate the hospital’s steam system, busy workers often removed insulation from system components but had no easy way to re-insulate the components because the material was not reusable. The hospital sought insulation that its facilities team could remove and reinstall to allow for maintenance and thermal integrity.

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