Germany considers closing coal-fired power plants by 2038

By District Energy posted 01-28-2019 00:00


Petra Hannen, PV Magazine


German states with coal mining regions would receive a total of €40 billion from the federal government over 20 years for structural change under the terms of the Coal Commission's proposal, while operators of coal-fired plants would receive compensation. 

Coal producing states would receive federal assistance under the terms of the proposed strategy. Photo: Fotolia/Reinhard Tiburzy

The report issued by Germany’s Commission for Growth, Structural Change and Employment – the Coal Commission – after a marathon session on Saturday night ran to 336 pages. The headline news though is simple: Germany should decommission all its coal-fired power plants by 2038 at the latest.

By 2022 – under the terms of the plan – 12.5 GW of coal generation capacity will be cut from the grid as a first step, including 5 GW from lignite coal. According to the commission, that can be achieved in part by converting coal-fired power plants into combined heat and power (CHP) operations or by converting them to gas.

For each of the years 2023, 2026 and 2029, an assessment of the measures implemented will be carried out to consider security of supply, the electricity price level, climate protection, further development of EU state aid law and structural development in the areas affected.

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