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New campus generator to cut greenhouse gas emissions

By District Energy posted 01-29-2019 00:00


Dan Gilliam, Technician


A new generator on Centennial Campus has recently been installed, increasing energy efficiency and cutting down on dependence on outside energy.

The Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant contains the new generator, which is expected to cut down on NC State’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4 percent overall.

Cameron Smith, senior director of Capital Project Management, spoke about the new generator and described the process of cogeneration, also known as combined heat and power.

“We [installed] a combustion turbine generator that creates electricity,” Smith said. “As we create that electricity for campus, there’s a byproduct of heat that comes off that turbine. We use that waste heat to create steam. We use the steam, obviously, to provide heating on campus, and so it’s very, very efficient.”

Smith also said that since NC State is creating its own electricity on Centennial Campus, it doesn’t have to pay Duke Energy as much for power. NC State now generates about a third of its own electricity, according to Smith.

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