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Illusion of two buildings: Fluid design for office redevelopment of Vancouver's Central Steam plant

By District Energy posted 01-30-2019 00:00


Carlito Pablo, Straight


It looks like two buildings, but it’s actually just one.

It’s an illusion created by the fluid design of the proposed office redevelopment of the Central Steam plant site in Downtown Vancouver.

Located at the southeast corner of Beatty and West Georgia streets, the property is owned by Westbank Projects Corp.

“As you walk up Georgia Street and turn on to Beatty, the building’s appearance constantly changes,” according to the rezoning application. “Sometimes it appears as a slender tower, and sometimes it appears as two.”

The application for 720 Beatty Street notes that instead of “creating a wall”, the proposed 17-storey office tower will have a “form that is dynamic and permeable to the site’s unique location and qualities”.

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