ABB and SUSI Partner on Microgrid and Storage Solutions

By District Energy posted 02-04-2019 12:03


Dan McCue, Renewable Energy Magazine


Swiss companies, SUSI Partners  (SUSI) and ABB, have reached an agreement to promote the deployment of microgrids and energy storage solutions to project developers and others, combining expertise in financing clean energy infrastructure with world-class technology. This partnership will accelerate the development of a sustainable energy infrastructure and contribute to energy transition by reducing CO 2 emissions through greater development of renewable energy sources.

Microgrids can integrate multiple distributed energy sources, including renewables such as wind and solar or thermal systems such as combined heat and power with energy storage. The Microgrid provides the superior connection and control to coordinate these energy sources and meet the needs of both industrial and residential end users. In addition, it reduces the problem of volatility in the production of renewable energy. A further advantage is that these projects contribute to improved environmental performance by minimizing the use of carbon-intensive energy sources while improving cost-effectiveness, power quality and power-supply resilience.

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