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University of Arizona Drives Tucson's 2030 District Pledge for Water, Energy Savings

By District Energy posted 02-07-2019 11:56


Jennifer Hermes, Environmental Leader


Tucson, Arizona, became the latest 2030 District in December. Tucson’s goals include dramatically reducing water use, transportation emissions, and energy use. Tucson has 10 million square feet committed in its pledge to demonstrate that “high performing buildings can be the most valuable and economical buildings” in the area.

The University of Arizona – particularly its Office of Sustainability – was the driving force behind the city’s move to join the 2030 Districts network.

Specifically, Tucson and the University of Arizona (UA) aim for a 50% reduction in energy and water use, as well as emissions, for existing buildings. New buildings will strive toward carbon neutrality by 2030 in an effort to be economically and environmentally sustainable, writes the UA’s Daily Wildcat.

One initiative of the 2030 District is a program dubbed SCALE UP (Sustinable Communities Accessing Lending and Expertise Upon Performance) geared toward helping businesses save money while reducing their carbon footprints. The program has helped 11 local businesses invest in retrofits and other sustainability initiatives to ensure a more sustainable future, writes Tucson Local Media.

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