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New report hails potential of Scottish national energy company

By District Energy posted 02-08-2019 13:25


Greg Russell, The National


A PUBLICLY owned energy company as proposed by the Scottish Government presents significant opportunities to show leadership in developing renewable and low-carbon energy supplies, as well as tackling climate change and other environmental issues, according to a new report.

Powering Our Ambitions, from the Common Weal think tank, also suggested the new company could address the need to provide low-cost, low or zero-carbon energy to Scotland’s fuel poor and other vulnerable householders.

Their report looks at the role of a Scottish National Energy Company (NEC) and sets out the case for a Scottish Energy Development Agency (SEDA).

Report authors – Dr Keith Baker, Gordon Morgan, Dr Ron Mould and Iain Wright – warn that it would be a “serious missed opportunity” if the NEC was simply seen as a publicly owned energy supply company, which would have “limited opportunities” to tackle such problems and only a “slight effect” in lowering retail fuel costs.

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