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David Adams: Energy Manager

By District Energy posted 02-15-2019 10:29


Melanie Groves, University of Victoria


David Adams, Energy Manager, Facilities Management

Tell us about your work at the University 

I am the energy manager in Facilities Management, I see myself as the ‘energy accountant’ for the campus. We are a staff of two in the energy management program, and we’re looking to add another person soon. Our objective is to reduce the environmental impact of fuel, natural gas, electricity and water use on campus. It’s a diverse role and I get involved in a lot of different things, including monitoring campus energy use, conservation projects, working with staff to tune up the energy systems in campus buildings, sustainability committee work, and strategic planning to create a long-term strategy for campus energy use, particularly to target deep reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Some projects have a much bigger impact than I expect. For example, updating the shower and sink fixtures in the residence buildings to low-flow faucets in 2018 has resulted in savings of 7 million litres of water a year. That’s huge, and we’re looking to expand that project to the rest of campus.

The District Energy Plant is another good example. It’s a high-efficiency system that will be the backbone of the campus heating system when it comes online this spring. It’s expected to result in about a 10 per cent reduction in energy use and GHG emissions.

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