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Dartmouth College seeks developer for proposed biomass plant in Hanover

By District Energy posted 02-20-2019 11:18


Daniela Vidal Allee, Valley News


HANOVER — Dartmouth College has started its search process for a private company that would design, finance, build and operate a new biomass plant and hot water heating system.

The college announced the $200 million initiative last month as part of its Dartmouth “Green Energy Project.” The plant, which would burn wood chips, would replace an oil-burning plant in downtown Hanover, and more than 100 campus buildings would have their existing steam pipes converted. 

In its request for qualifications, the college laid out what it’s looking for in a potential firm: reliable service, affordable pricing, technological flexibility, and facilitation of learning opportunities for Dartmouth students and faculty. 

For Dartmouth Vice President Josh Keniston, the key will be finding a firm that will be a partner.

“One of the big things is that this is a long-term project. We’re talking 30-plus years,” Keniston said. “We want companies that can become community partners, evolve over time and respond to different changes.” 

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