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POWER Interview: The Future of Power Sector Engineering Amid Market Disruptions

By District Energy posted 02-21-2019 11:02


Sonal Patel, Power 


Danish engineering, design, and consultancy firm Ramboll Group in December  entered into an agreement to acquire U.S-based engineering and design consultancy OBG. Founded in 1945, OBG has delivered integrated engineering solutions within water, energy, environment and advanced manufacturing, and today, the company says it has extensive client relationships in both the private and public sectors, and a particularly strong position in the eastern half of the U.S. For Ramboll, which added ENVIRON, a U.S-based environmental and health specialist firm to its portfolio in 2014, the deal shows marked interest in the U.S. market, which has been beset by a number of disruptions.

In an interview last January, OBG’s CEO Jim Fox and Neil Webb, OBG’s director for growth and markets, provided significant insight into trends affecting the vast world of engineering in the power sector.

POWER: Disruptions are reshaping the power sector. What are you seeing from an engineering firm’s perspective?

Jim Fox, OBG, CEO; Neil Webb, OBG, Director for Growth and Markets:  In the global power industry, we have seen migration from large centralized power solutions to more localized solutions addressing energy demand closer to the locations where energy is needed. The significant upturn in renewable energy and changing policies and attitudes of consumers are driving many more clean and sustainable solutions. One example is the rapidly developing large-scale onshore and offshore wind markets, where many states in the U.S. and countries around the world are venturing into new opportunities for energy resources.

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