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The Welsh county that wants to change the way its residents heat their homes

By District Energy posted 02-21-2019 10:59


Elizabeth Bradfield, WalesOnline


The way in which residents across Bridgend county use and pay for heating their homes is set to be transformed over the coming years as an “energy revolution” takes place.

Bridgend County Borough Council (BCBC) has big ambitions to move away from the current national centralised energy system to a future low carbon decentralised one.

On Tuesday February 19 cabinet members approved both a Bridgend Local Area Energy Strategy and a Smart Energy Plan to help decarbonise the county by 2050.

The transition will require major changes to Bridgend’s energy networks, moving away from using fossil fuels to clean energy.

And it will require the majority of households in Bridgend to replace gas boilers with a low carbon heating system.

Bridgend is one of three places in the UK to be a demonstrator authority, piloting schemes which could then potentially be rolled out across the country.

The council was selected from over 70 local authorities across the UK to became  involved with the UK Government’s Smart System Heat Programme in 2013.

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