Blue Pillar Enables an 'Energy-Smart University' Network in Hawaii

By District Energy posted 02-27-2019 08:14


Jeff St. John, Greentech Media


Energy data from substations and solar panels to building automation and submeters, all in a vendor-agnostic package, and with an eye on future IoT applications. 

University campuses are natural targets for on-site power generation, district energy systems, and even self-sustaining microgrids — and many are experimenting with adding solar, storage, electric vehicles and other grid edge technologies. But few are taking the next step of integrating the data from these systems holistically, and in real time. 

Last week, startup Blue Pillar, Hawaiian energy tech incubator Elemental Excelerator and the University of Hawaii unveiled a project that connects those missing links into what they’ve dubbed an “Energy-Smart University.” The project, launched in late 2017, has linked 44 solar PV arrays and their supporting inverters, 75 building submeters and 30 big buildings using building automation systems (BAS) from multiple vendors, across its main Honolulu campus as well as satellite campuses and community colleges on Oahu and other islands. 

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