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Florence: Renaissance and smart future

By District Energy posted 03-05-2019 14:37


Anna Maria Volpe,


The Italian city has recently become a model smart city by implementing a broad plan ranging from urban development to mobility and new tourism management

When you hear Uffizi, Accademia and David what do you think about? Florence, for sure. For its old history, breathtaking painting, sculpture, and architecture. However, it is also a city projected into the future: the second smart city of Italy according to the last annual ICity Rate report, because of its “cultural attractiveness and digital transformation”, sustainable mobility and energy efficiency solutions.

Many things are going on in the capital of the central region of Tuscany. Giovanni Bettarini, municipal executive for urban development and smart city, recalls that “Florence was the first Italian city to implement free-floating bike sharing. Bikes do not need fixed parking stations; they can be parked all over the city.” This system is perfectly suited to the particular urban structure of Florence’s city centre.

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