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UBC's water use, emissions plummet as sustainability solutions take hold

By District Energy posted 03-31-2019 00:00



UBC has increased enrollment by 24,000 students over the last 20 years while reducing annual water consumption on the campus by 50 percent, a whopping 272 million litres in total. 

That is a reduction of 69 per cent per-capita for the equivalent of about 47,000-plus full-time students, said Bud Fraser, the university’s water and zero waste engineer.

With the completion of its hot water district energy system as a centrepiece accomplishment, the university is also on track to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 67 per cent by 2021.

Considering the complexity of retrofitting more than 100 buildings to switch from the vintage steam heating system first installed in 1925, the math was surprisingly simple, said David Woodson, the managing director of energy and water services.

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