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Exploring a sustainability transformation in an island city with The City of Richmond

By District Energy posted 04-03-2019 16:15


Sean Galea-Pace, Chief Sustainability Officer


Mayor Malcolm Brodie of the City of Richmond, British Columbia, and City staff, Peter Russell, Senior Manager of Sustainability, and Alen Postolka, District Energy Manager, discuss how the City's climate actions are transforming Richmond

A city with its sights firmly set on becoming a leader in the field of sustainability, Richmond, British Columbia, has not only delivered outstanding results but also advanced a novel and replicable model for developing municipal district energy systems. Mayor Malcolm Brodie believes that taking action on climate change is vital due to Richmond’s location as an island city that is one metre above sea level. “Farmers started building dikes over 100 years ago and we’ve continued that program. Since then, the City implemented a flood protection strategy and a dike master plan to respond to climate change impacts,” explains Brodie. “We’re one of the few cities in our province that owns and operates a diking and drainage utility which provides secure funding for new capital projects.”  

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