A story of preparedness and resolve

By District Energy posted 04-16-2019 17:24


This article was featured in the 2019 Spring/Summer Issue of District Energy Magazine.


In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey turned its eye toward Houston, but Thermal Energy Corp. was ready. 

The weather forecasts in late August 2017 were dire. Meteorologists warned that coastal areas in Texas could experience unprecedented flooding from a powerful storm that was headed their way. They were right.

For nearly a week, Hurricane Harvey formed and strengthened, hitting Houston with a record-setting 51 inches of rain falling over a five-day period, Aug. 25-30. Yet even before Harvey had a name, it was on Thermal Energy Corp.’s (TECO’s) radar screen as a storm to watch.


Stephen K. Swinson, PE, President and Chief Executive Officer, Thermal Energy Corp.
Jose Garcia, PE, CEM, Operations Manager, Thermal Energy Corp.

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