District energy a key to creating resilient infrastructure

By District Energy posted 04-16-2019 17:31


This article was featured in the 2019 Spring/Summer Issue of District Energy Magazine.

With climate change impacts increasing, systems are helping cities and campuses prepare. 


The cities most prepared for the future are those with plans in place for resilient energy infrastructure. Strengthening infrastructure that already exists and weaving resilience into new plans and designs can help communities proactively address environmental changes and cost-effectively protect citizens and current energy networks. Carefully considering our interdependent energy systems that support businesses, institutions, residences and transportation, and the threats posed to them, can guide infrastructure owners and operators toward stronger, more adaptable functions that allow life and business to carry on with minimal interruption and increased reliability.


Matthew T. Goss, PE, PMP, CEM, CEA, CDSM, LEED AP (BD+C), Vice President/Technical Strategy Leader – Infrastructure & Energy, CDM Smith
Lauren M. Miller, Principal, Climate Change Services, and Environmental Scientist, CDM Smith

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