New generator to power Woodstock Hospital

By District Energy posted 04-29-2019 00:00


Kathleen Saylors, Woodstock Sentinel-Review


A new cogeneration plant that will supply the bulk of Woodstock Hospital’s heat and electricity was the focus of the its Earth Day celebrations on Friday.

The annual event brings together Woodstock Hospital staff, patients and the public to learn more about the hospital’s green initiatives and learn from outside organizations, including the County of Oxford and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. 

This year, the hospital was showcasing two projects on its path to sustainability. 

Currently, the hospital is in the final stages of construction of a combined heat and power cogeneration plant located on its grounds. 

Marion said the cogeneration plant will essentially work to power the hospital in the same way the engine powers a car.

“It is like a car engine but it uses natural gas, and instead of turning your wheels, it turns an alternator that produces electricity for the hospital,” Mario explained. “What makes this unique is that not only are we getting electricity, we are actually taking the heat off the exhaust, like when you touch a car muffler and it’s really hot, we are taking all that heat, and it will actually provide all the hot water in this hospital a well as all the heating for this hospital.”

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