Newark Bids to Boost Energy Efficiency

By District Energy posted 05-13-2019 11:22


Gail Kalinoski, Commercial Property Executive


The energy upgrade program covers 17 buildings in New Jersey's largest city and will save the municipality an estimated $1 million a year.

After decades of economic struggle, Newark, N.J., is enjoying a revival that is attracting much-needed investment. As it works to bring in new development, the city’s government is also making a push to make its energy operations more efficient. A program now under way will cut Newark’s annual energy operating costs by an estimated 36 percent, saving nearly $1 million a year.

All told, the project encompasses 17 buildings and more than 1 million square feet. Office space, notably in Newark’s 113-year-old City Hall,  accounts for a large portion of the properties. But the plan encompasses a diverse portfolio: two firehouses, two recreation centers, a police precinct house and Newark Symphony Hall. Except for the 94-year-old Symphony Hall, which is owned by a non-profit, all are city-owned.

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