'Like Star Trek': High-tech GCSU cooling system saves state money, helps environment

By District Energy posted 05-14-2019 00:00


Matt Mackie, WGXA


BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. -- People who keep Georgia College's cooling system running say the its latest upgrade is like something out of a science fiction show.

"It's getting to the point where it's like Star Trek, Scotty walking up to the computer," employee Georgia Mayor says. 

Computers are constantly monitoring the temperature of every room on campus. If one gets too hot, that's when the cooling plant and Mayor get to work.

"The chiller takes the water to about 42 degrees, then sends 26,000 gallons of 42-degree water out to the campus," says Mayor.

Water is chilled to just over 40 degrees in GCSU's massive cooling facility. Then, it's pumped across campus and through classrooms to keep students cool.

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